Welcome to the 2014 Designs site.

On this page you will find some of the new designs we've done for 2014. We hope you like them!

Of particular note, I started sketching the design for the Block-O ring, on my iPad, during the 2013 Christmas break. Throughout the year, I tweaked on the design and the casting process I'll use to produce copies. The design has been approved for a license by The Ohio State University!

The ornaments are about three inches high.

Block-O Ring

Ohio State Buckeyes Block-O Ring ($175)

InukShuk Ornament

Inukshuk Ornament ($50)

SantaPuck Ornament

SantaPuck Ornament ($60)

CBJ Ring

Columbus Blue Jackets Ring (Not For Sale)

Spartans Ring

Michigan State Spartans Ring (Not For Sale)

For more information, contact: inquire@keayersdesigns.com