Welcome to the Graphic Arts site.

On this page you will find samples of various graphic art designs. You can expect this section to eventually include limited edition prints of photographs, handcrafted layered prints, ray traced computer graphics, and various combinations of these.

Copperwynd Sunset

Sunset from the Copperwynd Resort ($300)

Stanley Park

A sweeping view from the northeast side of Vancouver's Stanley Park ($300)

Goldfield Mine Train

A view of Superstition Mountain, from the Goldfield Mine ($300)

Flower in Buchart Gardens

A flower from Buchart Gardens near Victoria, BC ($300)

Window on the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea viewed from a castle window ($250)

Cathedral Rock Sunrise

Sunrise on Cathedral Rock ($300)

Nice Cafe

A Sidewalk Cafe in Nice, France ($300)

Evening Meal

Evening Meal Layered Print ($150)

For more information, contact: inquire@keayersdesigns.com