Nice Cafe
A Sidewalk Cafe in Nice, France ($300)
On an excursion from a Mediterranean cruise, the tour visited the city of Nice (pronounced "Neese"), in the south of France. While strolling down a crowded avenue, I passed this streetside cafe. The sunflower called out to me: "Take my picture!" ... so I did! Years later, I decided to experiment with this photo, in my "digital darkroom". One result was this blend of monochrome and color, which I found rather interesting. I then separated different parts of the image and created this three-layer print, with heavy matte board spacers in between the layers. The frame is made of redwood, with an inlaid poplar border trim. The frame and trim strip were stained with a custom-blended oil stain, to closely match the colors in the print. Finally, copper hemispheres were inlaid in each corner.
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