Welcome to the K.E. Ayers Designs Wood Art site.

Wood is one of nature's finest art mediums. The colors and grain patterns found in various wood species, invites designs that flow and shift organically. The addition of a rainbow of stains and finishes transforms each piece into a unique work of art.

K.E. Ayers Designs' intarsias combine the natural beauty of wood, precisely cut to fit like pieces of a puzzle, with metals and gemstones, to create a distinctive art form.

Each piece is handmade. Feel free to inquire about custom designs.

Stylized Peacock Intarsia

Mixed Media Peacock Intarsia ($700)

Cat Intarsia

Mixed Media Cat Intarsia ($300)

Terrier Intarsia

Mixed Media Terrier Intarsia ($300)

For more information, contact: inquire@keayersdesigns.com