Jewelry Design Models

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By K.E. Ayers

Welcome to the Gallery of K.E. Ayers Jewelry Design Models

Here are models I have created for some of my jewelry designs.

Most of these models were created as part of an iterative design process with a client ... I would show the client the model, they would give some feedback, and I would tweak on the model. The process repeated until we had arrived at a satisfactory design.

Consequently, most of the pages for these models have links to images of the finished piece.

For several years, a co-worker had this quote posted on his whiteboard:

All models are wrong
Some models are useful

Comparing the model to the finished piece shows that the model is indeed "wrong". However, my clients found them to be useful for visualizing the design I was proposing. I found them useful as a reference for the look of the finished product, as well as understanding some of the fabrication challenges I might face.

Butterfly Pendant thumbnail

Butterfly Pendant

Hand Pendant Set thumbnail

Eye-In-Hand (Hamsa)
Pendant and Earring Set

Heart Pendant thumbnail

Two Hearts Pendant

Volleyball Pendant thumbnail

Volleyball Pendant